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Brand: Master Lock
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Bluetooth Connect with Smart Phone App...
Bluetooth commercial door control.
The Master Lock 6440ENT connects to electric strikes and mag locks for wireless smartphone control. Paired with the intuitive Master Lock Vault Enterprise app, you can secure, monitor and track building activity with a few taps from your smartphone.

6440ENT Bluetooth Door Controller-
• Use your smartphone to open and manage your door with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app
• Secure door access: only those with an authorized device can enter
• No keys to lose, no combinations to forget, no unauthorized key duplication
• Includes Master Lock Vault Enterprise iOS and Android app, and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and many users
• Easy installation: wires into electric strikes and magnetic locks
• Slim profile fits common door frames
• Strong Bluetooth signal for reliable connectivity

Vault Enterprise App -
• Efficiently manage access to ensure the right users have the right access
• Easily monitor access and access history with robust data and audit trails
• Simplify security set-up with bulk user and lock uploads
• Confidently provide back-up access entry method for locks and lock boxes with manual, directional or numeric code
• Map box, lock box and door locations via smartphone
• Leverage the security of 256-bit, military-grade encryption
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