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TRI-4200-32D . . . back
EL. STRIKE, 12-24 AC/DC Logo
MFG: Trine
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The One Box Solution...
Trine 4200 Flexible Electric Strike For Cylindrical Locksets & Dead Latches

Description & Features:
• Standard 4200 is Fail Secure, For Fail-safe action (locks with power) Select “RS” to the item number.
• All 4 Faceplates Included - The Faceplates Will Cover Most Installations In Aluminum Frames
• Use with cylindrical locksets & dead latches in aluminum, metal, and wood frames.
• The 4200 solves problems auxiliary latch “pins” found on Adams Rite® locks.
• Tall Cavity solves door sag problems. Tallest latch in its class.
• 1 - 1/16” shallow backset solves frame depth Problems
• 4 faceplates included
• 12 & 24DC, 12-24 AC All the low voltage flexibility you need.
• Low Current Draw .240 Amp at 12DC makes it very PoE Friendly
• 1 Trim Skirt Included
• Removable Fascia: Change colors in the field to match your frame.
• Grade 1 Strike: 1,500+ lbs. of Holding Force
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