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MFG: Detex
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Exit Alarm...
Low cost, easy to install, self-contained door alarm with piezo horn that sounds to warn unauthorized use of a door. Tapered cover allows for installation on narrow stile doors, 2" minimum. Alarm can only be silenced by proper control key.

Dimensions: 2.10" Width x 2.375" Depth x 7.70" Length
Installation: Surface door mount only
Cylinder: Mortise cylinder optimal length 1-1/8" (not included)
Power: 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert
Alarm: 100dB piezo alarm

• Extended bypass allows alarm to remain bypassed when door is open and automatically rearm upon door closing.
• Patented plastic template for foolproof alignment of internal magnetic contacts.
• Rim cylinder required for Outside Key Control.
• Tapered cover allows for installation on narrow stile doors, 2" minimum.
• Senses the "handing" of the alarm location on the door
• Cam assembly automatically adjusts for different sizes of cyls without spacers
• Manual arming, disarming & rearming
• LED visual arming indicators
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