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MFG: Sargent & Greenleaf
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The Titan™ PivotBolt™ Advantage:
• The PivotBolt™ is connected to its keypad only by cable.
There’s no rigid spindle, so the lock does not have to be placed behind the keypad. It can be anywhere on the inside of the safe door.
• Low profile keypad fits applications where space may be limited.
• External battery placement puts the battery inside the keypad, where it can be easily changed. And efficient lock design means the battery must be changed
significantly less often.
• Field installable bolt position indicator (BPI) module is available to let you tie lock action to alarms, video surveillance recorders, etc. The module can be added to a lock at any time, with minimal labor.
• Program the lock from the keypad at any time.
• Titan™ Lock body is the same size and mounting footprint as other standard S&G locks, allowing for easy retrofit without the need for boltwork or mounting screw location changes. Plus, it’s universally handed for RH, LH, VU, and VD mounting.
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